Django autocomplete_light and admin interface integration

I just wanted to enable autocomplete in my admin interface. It took almost 3 hours to understand whats happening and to make it work, because for integrating in admin interface, the docs is not very clear.

You need to read the docs first

And the read this


class A(models.Model):
    fieldA1 = models.CharField()
    fieldA2 = models.CharField()

class B(models.Model):
    fieldB1 = models.ForeignKey(A)
    fieldB2 = models.CharField()

For having autocomplete in admin interface for model B to the fieldB1, we need

  1. API for model A should be exposed
#Create a file in the base folder of the project 
#By registering the modelA, the /autocomplete/AAutocomplete/?q=aa API will be available 
#API will search on fieldA1 to give the result
autocomplete_light.register(A,search_fields=['fieldA1',], )
  1. Admin interface should know that fieldB1 should use that exposed API
class BAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
   form = autocomplete_light.modelform_factory(B), BAdmin)
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